Microscope Supply, by Voxyl, LLC was founded by Tom Moyer in 2022. Tom got his start in the microscope service industry in 2009 and quickly became interested in imaging and creating custom microscopy systems. In 2020, Tom decided he could use his knowledge of systems and software to help customers upgrade existing microscopes. Tom decided to start his own Microscope sales & service company and Voxyl Microscopes was born! While Voxyl focused on high end custom systems and service, Tom wanted to offer affordable microscope solutions for hobbyists, students & professionals, and in 2022, Microscope Supply was founded.




Our mission is simple, to provide hobbyists, students & professionals with the highest quality microscope options at an affordable price. But it doesn't stop there!

With roots in the microscope service industry, we realize microscope owners may need help setting up, using and maintaining their new systems. That's why we offer a free 30-minute remote training session with every microscope purchase and extended mechanical & electrical warranties.




We offer many of the same microscope brands and models as other online retailers. But it is our support for you AFTER your purchase that really sets us apart! Besides your free 30-minute remote training session, experts at Microscope Supply are available to help and answer any questions you may have. We are available by phone, text (SMS), live chat and email to make it easy to reach out for help. 





Did you notice that every purchase over $300 comes with a free pair of socks? This was inspired by our founder, Tom Moyer. In 2019, Tom was diagnosed with Liposarcoma, a rare soft tissue cancer. Tom needed months of Proton radiation therapy from the University of Maryland and a radical re-resection surgery, While going through proton radiation therapy, Tom had to wear smocks, leaving his legs exposed. Not one to let a bad crisis go to waste, he decided to bring joy to himself and others by wearing a new, colorful pair of socks during every treatment. We think socks are a subtle way to show what you're really into and to add an interesting touch to any outfit!

Thomas Moyer
Founder- Microscope Supply